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Some of the Arts on Prescription Exhibition

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Wow, there is so much amazing work. I know that I hung the whole exhibition and should have already realised but coming to upload all these images it has really hit me! So I'm going to split it into two posts and tell you a bit more about Arts on Prescription itself.

Between September 2010 and September 2011 104 students attended an arts on prescription course. These are art courses in a range of disciplines run in community venues.

The courses are designed for adults with mild to moderate mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and low self esteem.

The courses in detail are:
*      Fix It Sew It Mend It – a textiles and needlecraft course which was held at The Family Tree Centre, Nelson
*      Developing Drama at The ACE Centre
*      Creative Crafts at The ACE Centre
*      Creative Writing at Williams Hall (This course included a free crèche provided by the children’s centre)
*      Creative Crafts again at The ACE Centre
*      My Art Journey at The Beacon Children’s Centre
*      BabySafe at Williams Hall
*      BabySafe at The Family Tree Centre in Brierfield
*      Confident Drawing at Colne Library
*      Exploring Paper and Print at Colne Library

The exhibition is of work this year’s students have made either in class or at home since the course.

The courses are designed to give people a chance to socialise with others experiencing mild and moderate mental health issues, a chance to make new friends, a relaxing and absorbing activity to take their mind off their issues and to hopefully make people feel more confident, proud of the work they have achieved and maybe gain a new hobby.

The most recent course was the one exploring paper and print and I wanted to show you some images on display just from this course as I think it gives a flavour of the huge amount of diversity in our project.

Prints side by side by Cath Whittaker

Print by Pat Moore

The majority of the exhibition was hung using bulldog clips and I really like the feel it gives so have kept them in the images.

Print by Pat Moore

Print by Pat Moore

I love the organic feel to Pat's work and think she already has a quite distinctive style of her own.

Tango Dancers by Aubrey Roadway

I love the shoes here - Beryl Cook influence?

This is the same image, the Tango Dancers on homemade paper, by Aubrey. It really changes the whole piece.

This is a print by Pat Moore on homemade paper.

This course builds on previous lessons, so the students made the paper in the first two weeks and towards the end of the course they were printing onto it.

Print by Rosie V

The orange is really striking close up, I hope you get chance to see it.

Print by Cath Whittaker

Again, just like Pat, Cath is developing her own approach and style, particularly with regard to colour in my opinion.

Print by Cath Whittaker

Red Sails at Sunset by Eileen Haywood.

Eileens work is much more precise than some of the others, isn't the composition wonderful?  I particularly like the birds...

I got to join in on this session and can I just say, I LOVE Marbling! It was so much fun. And I believe there are lots of inspirational marbling artists around who I will dig out and post some links to shortly.

Print by Aubrey Roadway

This one just makes me want to look at that house every day, with those colours. It says Summer to me!

I hope that you enjoyed a first look at the exhibition. Arts on Prescription is a wonderful project to run and I will witter on about it a lot more tomorrow but right now I have to dash. Toodle-Pip. (I have an Agatha Christie audiobook in my car at the moment and it always makes me want to speak like that, oh, and to have a friend called Bunch!)

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