Wednesday, 28 September 2011

AOP Student Lor

Caterpillars from Space by Laurence Catterall (Lor)

Here is another student, Lor, with his work. When I asked what inspires him to create art, Lor explained that creating and painting are simply a sheer pleasure for him, he really enjoys seeing something or creating something from nothing. He likes the impressionists and tends to like every type of art he sees, especially work where you can let your imagination go and study them in your own time.

Lor went on to say he had loved the course, My Art Journey, and had met some very interesting and pleasant people. This is good as we are running another My Art Journey course which starts in January.

Then we talked about his work above; Caterpillars from Space (which, quite frankly, is genius titling at work). I asked him to explain the reason for this choice of title and Lor said, "Its just that they look like that, it seems like they are on a mission and they do show a vaguely paranoid vision of what is happening now, which is, normal reality not breaking down but being questioned."

Lor said he was feeling quite light hearted when he created this piece, which he made during the class. Lor said it only took about 10 minutes to create this. The work was made with Brusho Powder Paints which are really bright and as Lor said "interacts nicely with damp and water".

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