Monday, 5 September 2011

My holiday decorating, if you fancy a nosy?

Dear readers,

Thanks for bearing with me during my holiday. It was wonderful, I got nearly everything I wanted done - couple of days more sunshine would have been nice, but I do live in Lancashire! I must remember that, and why textiles did well here.

So here, are a few images of what I have been doing, in true before and after style.

My new living room, before we moved in ( that sofa is nothing to do with me!)

And here on the day we got the keys...

And here is the first after shot...

Now for the hall, shown here on moving day accompanied by a wardrobe and half a bed!

Here with John, for scale!

And the other part of the hall, and yes I am only really putting this in so I can show off about owning stained glass...

Here are the results after I've been at work...

I think it looks great!

Pictures of the current exhibition are on their way now!

Ta Ra


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