Wednesday, 14 September 2011

More images from Arts on Prescription

Hiya Folks,

Here is part 2 of the current information... from a number of students from different courses so I will add which course they attended.

Quirky Colne by Sue Rose, Sue attended My Art Journey and was kind enough to take part in a little interview with me, so I will be posting it later on this week or early next.

Copper Beech by Wall by Paul Malpass, Paul attended Creative Crafts and has since gone on to do a painting course at Nelson and Colne College. Again this looks better when you are here (stamps foot and wishes I could get the hang of photographing artwork behind glass!)

Caterpillars from Space by Laurence Catterall, Lor attended My Art Journey and has a real knack for titling work! Again he gave me a quick interview... coming soon.

The above is a close up of Sue Roses other work - Bluebell Wood, which is a wonderful textile piece that my photograph does not do justice to at all.

Print by Aubrey Roadway, who attending Exploring Paper and Print. Aubrey has since set up an art group called TenOVus, open to anyone, who meet at Christ Church, Carr Road, Nelson every Thursday from 6.30-9pm. Hope the group goes well Aubrey!

Cornfield by Paul Malpass

An untitled work by Germen Best who attended the short course on Confident Drawing

Pot Cat by Ursula Delaney, who attended the short course on Confident Drawing also.

Don't know if it's intentional but love the play of words and how it reminds me of Top Cat!

Untitled Print by Cath Whittaker, who was on the Exploring Paper and Print course. This is much more wonderful up close!

Untitled print by Rosie V who also attended the Paper and Print course, who has since gone on to start A Level Art at Nelson and Colne College.

Coming Home by Jacqueline Smith who attended the short course on Confident Drawing

Untitled Print by Anne Huntsman who attended the Paper and Print Course

Untitled by Naida Jabar, who attended My Art Journey

Untitled by Germen Best

Fleetwood Beach by Louise Riley who attended the short course, Confident Drawing.
I love the pattern of the water throughout the piece.

Students from Creative Writing wrote pieces of work specially for the exhibition and here they are on display. I love the way they look!

I hope you do get chance to come and see the exhibition in person. It's free entry as always and there are forms to fill out if anyone thinks they could benefit from Arts on Prescription courses or would like to refer a friend or relative. If you do want more details, you can contact me on 01282 661784 or on

And there was a very special performance on the open evening about Arts on Prescription. I will be adding that soon. 

Ta Ra


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