Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Living Herbalism Comments

A selection of the comments from the Living Herbalism exhibition - ending 4.00pm Wednesday 22nd August.

'A very simple but effective and informative exhibition. Great layout, and having plants to see and photographs will help me to remember. The information sheets contain just enough information without overloading. Most enjoyable - thank you' Anonymous

'Thankyou - we enjoyed looking at the plants - simply displayed and easy to read' A.Punter

'Oh the joy of herbs!' Anonymous (wish I had called it this now!)

'Extremely interesting and gives a good insight' Anonymous

'Interesting take on herbal medicine with good results! Thank you' Anonymous

'Interesting to look at and find out about the plants and their uses' Anonymous.

Next up...Still Taboo

Still Taboo Monday 3rd September 2012-Thursday 20th September 2012

Monday, 13 August 2012

Living Herbalism Exhibition

Living Herbalism is an exhibition which navigates the history and roots of plants use.

From the ancient art of herbalism performed by alchemists and 'witches' thousands of years ago, to the new 'wonder drugs' of today in modern medicine - it's an exciting new insight into the benefits and dangers of herbs.

Touching on folk law and exploring new health aspects, there is much to look at and learn.  So come along for a fun and free exhibition and explore the scenery, everyone is welcome!

06 August 2012 10:00 am - 22 August 2012 4:00 pm

Artist Karen Redmayne is exhibiting her illustrations and children's book in the reception, tying in with the witches theme.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Tale of the Pendle Witches

Today I interviewed artist Karen Redmayne about her work and in particular her new project and exhibition at the ACE Centre. Although Karen works mainly in glass, she has other interests when it comes to art.
Karen told me she has always had a natural love for art and drawing, right from when she was a child. She was brought up on a farm in the country and has a deep appeciation for nature.

(available on Karen's website)

(available on Karen's website)

Her love for creativity carried on through school, taking her to do textiles and art A-levels at St Mary's college Blackburn and then a further BTEC Foundation year at Burnley college, where she created her first book entitled 'Pinny's Hospital Visit'. The book was published in 1994 and was distibuted throughout Burnley general hospital for sick children to use whilst stying there. After her foundation year at Burnley Karen went to Bretton Hall College (Leeds University) and graduated in 1998 with a degree in printmking and illustration. Since then Karen has gone on to establish her own business, initially in 2001 producing limited edition linoleum prints. Since 2003 Karen has been based at Higherford Mill. She now does a variety of art including glass making, printing, and illustration.

glasswork available on Karen's website

When asked what inspires her Karen has always been into the same styles. Stating  Antoni Gaudí and Alphonse Muche of the Art Nouveau movement (1890-1910) as some of her greatest influences. She also loves the Art Deco movement (which began in the 1920s going through the 30s to world war II time), which had artists such as Hector Guimard and Eugene Grasset.

File:Alfons Mucha - 1894 - Gismonda.jpg
Poster for Victorien Sardou's Gismonda starring Sarah Bernhardt at the Théâtre de la Renaissance in Paris.
Muche 1894 lithograph

Karen has experimented with many different mediums, starting off with printing when she first opened her business in 2001, she has progressed to using watercolours, glass, oil paint, inks and pastels. The medium changes depending on the subject. Karen still enjoys sketching though, and her favourite thing to create work on is landscapes, and we have so many beautiful ones to choose from round our area.

In her latest work, Karen has created a children's book entitled 'The Tale of the Pendle Witches'. She has done it in collaboration with the 400th anniversery of the Pendle Witches' trial and death. The original illustrations and the book itself are for sale in this exhibition at the ACE Centre. Come down and have a look!

To learn more about Karen's book, work or just Karen in general visit her website http://www.redcurrantglass.co.uk/  where you can also get access to her blog.