Tuesday, 20 September 2011

AOP Student May Peel

May says "I was a complete novice, I learnt such a lot in those 12 weeks it's unbelievable". May also mentioned how she always looked forward to going to an Arts on Prescription session and how she met some lovely people too.

This is quite common for Arts on Prescription students, it's lovely to see them all at the end when they have made new groups of friends.

Here is one of May's artworks...

Bretherton Steps by May Peel

May created this from a photograph she had already taken and explained how she liked doing landscapes but after doing them, she has moved on to flowers. Each of these artworks took a few hours to complete.

And here is one...

Single Lily by May Peel

I always like to picture artists creating their work so I asked May to describe her workspace...

"In my dining room, I sit at the table and have a big piece of board on there to protect it. I am quite organised and have boxes of paints on one side and brushes and water on the other".

Thanks for talking to us May.

Ta Ra


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