Friday, 1 July 2011

Sheila Smith


We are currently putting up the new exhibition and here is my interview with Sheila Smith.

Kirsty: Which do you prefer; ham toastie or cheese toastie?
Sheila: (thinks carefully) Cheese toastie

Kirsty: What inspires you in three words?
Sheila: Natural Forms, Light and Colour

Kirsty: What was the last dream you had?
Sheila: I had a dream about putting this exhibition up, I was feeling nervous about getting everything finished on time. As it happens, I was still finishing work at 2am this morning and then I had to frame it!

Kirsty: When did you last cry and why?
Sheila: (long pause) I don't really know, I have been near tears about this exhibition.

Kirsty: What makes you laugh?
Sheila: Just people being funny, especially my daughters.

Kirsty: Where do you work? Do you have a workspace or studio?
Sheila: I work in the living room, I have an easel and a daylight bulb and I also attend a life drawing class and work there.

Kirsty: How do you come up with the titles of your work?
Sheila: I find it very difficult and usually just title the work to distinguish them from each other, they don't have a strong meaning for me.
Kirsty: Would you just like everything to be untitled?
Sheila: I am tempted but I don't like that when I am in galleries because I can't remember which is which.

Kirsty: What are your favourite artists or artists we must check out?
Sheila: Matisse Henri Matisse Turner Turner Goya Goya and I recently went around open studios in Yorkshire and Lunedale and saw some great new works.

Kirsty: Do you read any good blogs?
Sheila: Never, I find blogs quite embarrassing.

(Now I feel slightly embarrassed!)

Kirsty: Visually, can you recommend a film to watch?
Sheila: Man with a movie camera (watch the whole film here Man with a movie camera)

Kirsty: What is the worst thing about being an artist?
Sheila: Publicising myself, being interviewed! (Sheila is quite shy, she is not telling me off here! Phew!)

Kirsty: And, the best?
Sheila: I find it really fulfilling, especially when I have been struggling with a piece of work, it's a great feeling to finish.

Kirsty: And if someone wanted to get in touch...
Sheila: They can email me at

Just after we finished the interview, during photo's, Sheila recieved a text saying she was now great auntie to a neice! Congratulations Sheila.

Sheila reading the good news! With Rosie, who is here on Work Experience. I'm sure we will have more news from Rosie next week.

Plenty more exhibition news and pictures to come next week. Oh and have a good weekend.

Ta Ta


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