Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Farm Buildings Wycoller by Sheila Smith

I asked Sheila to talk a little bit about this work.

Sheila started this work because she wanted to do something different, “I usually do figures and fancied moving into landscapes a bit more. It was the texture of the buildings and the things on the skyline that drew me to this image, and, it’s not the usual touristy image of Wycoller”.

Close up of farm buildings

Close up skyline of the work

I asked Sheila about how she was feeling during the creation of this work. “I usually approach the whole work, but here I spent a lot of time getting the farm buildings in the corner right.” (See image above). Sheila has been working on this picture for months, she struggled to get it to a stage where she was happy with it. Sheila had been working from a photograph she took of the view and thinks that had the photo been better she may have found the process quicker! This was the image that Sheila was up to 2am finishing before we hung the exhibition.


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