Friday, 9 May 2014

Lindsay Sharp

This is Lindsay's first ever solo exhibition and she said she was full of butterflies this morning.
We can understand this, it can be scary to put your work out there for people to see and think Lindsay is being very brave doing so!

Lindsay works in different types of mediums; some mixed, some not. In the work shown here she has used pencils, pastels, acrylics and some water soluble oils. She has been experimenting with these as they are slower drying.
Lindsay did do art at college but had a break and only really started to get back into it over the last few years. Having a family and job means finding time to paint and draw is hard. Attending an art group every Thursday evening helps and Lindsay would love to have more time to create work. Space is an issue too although Lindsay would like to move onto some larger works.
Lindsay tends to create portraits and they tend to be family and friends. She mostly works from photographs rather than people sitting for her, she does spend time composing the photographs to capture a look or a mood.
I wondered what inspired her to create the portraits, Lindsay does try to get a likeness and they are often quite close up portraits, so I thought it might be an expression or a feeling. Actually it tends to be inspired by a colour. Particularly when it comes to experiementing with backgrounds and ways of applying the paint.
I thought I'd try something similar, so here is a photograph of Lindsay composed next to her own self portrait!

Here are some pictures of the exhibition as a whole...


As you can see Lindsay has also been experimenting with landscapes and has found she has been enjoying this more and more.  
Lindsay finds creating artwork very relaxing, "time just flies" and yet admits it can be hard too. Looking at a white page or canvas is the hardest for Lindsay. Once she gets started though she is just fine.
This exhibition is on in reception at The ACE Centre until Friday 30th May.
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