Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Graham Dean

Graham is a third time exhibitor here. Welcome back!

So I didn't just want to talk about things we may have covered in the past and how Graham works, I thought we would try on focus on new and new-to-us aspects of Graham's artwork.

Graham is a photographer who nearly always edits and manipulates his images.

Here is a selection of his images, they are available framed and unframed.

But Graham doesn't just create images he tells a story, with the work and often the title. He has been selling his work at exhibitions and craft fairs for a while.

Over the last couple of years he has started selling kindle books too: Graham likes to walk and about ten years ago his wife suggested he should keep a diary of the walks they did. Graham thought why not combine his love of walking and photography and started producing photo-illustrated walking guides.

He tends to choose walks where there may be something to photograph - an unusual building or a sculpture or a wonderful landscape for example. He does his best not to be thwarted by the Northern English weather! He likes exploring new places and will often walk the route a few times before he writes it up.

"I do like taking photographs of other peoples art"

Look at the texture on the sculpture here...

This is 'Venus and Child' by Shane Johnstone and can be seen in Morecambe.

You can buy these kindle guides here or have a look at some that are free on his website here.

Grahams work is quite eclectic and some of the images here are of a concept, for example, two works were inspired by Ribble Valley's Open exhibition which asked for submissions around water, some works are of Edinburgh where his youngest daughter lives, although the majority of the landscapes are from Lancashire.

The two images above are the Ribble Valley Water images.
So now, I'd like to show you the exhibition coming together...

Start with unpacking

Select hanging rods
Place in first layout, see if it looks ok?

Create an exhibition...


And there we have it.
I will be back shortly with our reception exhibition.
Ta Ra

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