Monday, 22 July 2013

No more white walls!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, and no-ones fault, we had a gap in programme and were left with white walls.

I did a call out on email to ask if anyone had a body of work ready to hang and were able to come and put the work up at short notice.

I was inundated with offers within a few hours, gosh everyone on my pendle arts e-network is just so kind! However, I knew I wanted something a bit different, we have had a lot of groups and traditional work over the last few months and I thought we needed something bright and colourful.

Fortunately Gwen Shackleton was one of the artists who responded and she gave me some fantastic colourful images.

Here is a quick sneak-peak of the exhibition going up and I shall do the full blog including artist interview later this week. I think you'll enjoy...

The exhibition is up in full now, so if you can't wait for me to blog to see it, then do come along in person, we are always open Monday to Saturday, 10-4.
Ta Ra

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