Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Apples and Dark Leaves

Padiham Painting at Leisure exhibit at The ACE Centre every year and at various libraries in the area from Trawden to Whalley. The ACE Centre prides itself on being a truly accessible community art gallery and therefore reserves two spaces a year for local artists groups; Pendle Artists and Padiham Painting at Leisure.
We spoke to a couple of artists who are exhibiting:
Artist; Marilyn Kenyon
Title of work?
Dark Leaves (pictured above)
What is the inspiration behind the work?
Working with leaves in different ways
Where was it created?
In the Studio
Marilyn is pleased with the work saying “The mix of colours works well”

Artist; Diane Flynn
Title of work?
Apples (pictured above)
What is the inspiration behind the work?
Nature and my work with natural fibres. I create handmade felt pieces for sale at various venues.
Where was it created?
Home and on location
How were they feeling during creating this work?
Relaxed and Inspired by the natural soft feel of the fibres.
Diane is happiest with “The blending and the final composition”
Thanks Diane and Marilyn, and thanks to our guest interviewer, Annaliese.
Ta Ra

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