Monday, 11 March 2013

Pendle Artists 2013

Yes folks it's that time of year again! The annual Pendle Artist Exhibition is now open.

Here are the lovely Pendle Artists, from the left...

and from the right.  Look at those happy, smiley faces!

They bring a lot of work.

They do their own layouts.

And they hold a salon of work on the Friday night, so we get to see a few extra works, like the one above...

and this...

and this...

The rest of the works I have photographed are in the main exhibition, which you can see until Saturday 20th April.

I seized the opportunity to get to know a few more Pendle Artists a bit better on Friday and did some mini interviews and here they are...

David Lyons; Chairman of Pendle Artists

David has an agent in Manchester and the majorty of his work is sold in Manchester or through fine art fairs, and he has sold around 650 works altogether. However David lives and paints in Pendle and thinks it is important to support the area. He says, it feels 'natural to be a part of Pendle Artists'.

David thinks the quality of work is excellent and likes the fact that they are a traditional art group who paints 'pretty pictures' and that most of the group are representational artists, they paint what something looks like and that is a tradition round here.

David won the Ribble Open last year and had a solo exhibition at Clitheroe Castle, Stewards Gallery, last year.

Margaret Yardley

Margaret has been a member almost since the beginning of Pendle Artists. In the early days, the group attended an Art School class in Burnley which was taught by David Wild and the group were unable to exhibit their work at the college so they formed the Pendle Artists to be an exhibiting group. Their first ever exhibition was at Burnley Library.

Margaret is also a member of Colne Art Group, which is the arm of Pendle Artists that gets together and paints, they meet every Tuesday morning in Brierfield.

Margaret paints out and about, in all weathers and often with her friend Joanne Glasgow. They both like a mix of urban and rural landscapes and have spent a lot of time at the Weavers Triangle recently - as it has rained such a lot and there is a great canopy to shelter under.

She is mostly inspired while out and about, the Impressionist tendency of 'En Plein Air', as it gives more depth and colour to her work.

Margaret would also recommend people do attend life drawing classes as this 'makes you able to draw it and you have to get drawing right, to get it to work'!

Nicola Connelly

Nicola has been a member for about 10 years, although her mother is one of the founding members. Nicola teaches art at Blackburn College although she started as an illustrator, illustrating book covers, magazines and adverts, she now teaches a full range of techniques. She loves it to, 'it's nice to do something you are trained to do'.

She is a member of Pendle Artists as it encourages her to find the time to create her own work. Nicola does create a range of work, from life drawings to landscapes and is inspired by colour.'I should be living in the South of France really'.

Most of Nicola's work is from sketchbooks or photographs or both, but one of the works she is exhibiting this time is completely out of her head. Called A Midsummer Nights Dream, Nicola thinks she must have been in the throws of passion when she created this mixed media work.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Nicola Connelly

Here are some of the other works on display...

An agoraphobic naturalist enjoying the countryside
Colin Morgan

Colin Morgan

Originally created a similar work for a Haworth Gallery competition where the theme was Inside Out, but it sold so quickly that Colin decided to paint another.

Those were the days
Lynn Hill

Tides Out Staithes
Moira Veevers

Neil Terry

Neil is a former chairman of Pendle Artists. He joined the group in 1974 and actually met the lady who would beome his wife through the group in 1978. They married in 1981 and had a Pendle Artists wedding!

Neil studied at the college of art in Manchester and qualified as a decorative artist, while finding time to win a couple of awards during his studies. He then went on to have a successful career as a painter and decorator and did a lot of sign writing, murals and graining and marbling.

Neil mostly paints landscapes, but has painted life drawings, sea scapes and flowers in the past. He works in oils or acrylics or watercolours or pastels but rarely more than one medium in one work.

He works from a few photographs usually, two or three and picks out the bits he wants so that most of his images are a composite and not always an exact replica of a place.

There are a number of unframed works for sale too, some prints and some originals.

And a small selection of ceramics.

I hope you do manage to come and see the work in person...

Ta Ra


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