Saturday, 9 February 2013

Latest exhibition, work by Carren Stockman and Aisha Haider

Hi folks,

We put the new exhibition up this week. It's a joint exhibition by Aisha Haider and Carren Stockman and here are some images....

Photography by Carren Stockman

Photograph printed on lycra by Carren Stockman

Carren's photography focuses on dance, although dance is seen as a free and beautiful activity there are still rules and constraints. Carren used to dance herself and was inspired by Martha Grahams lycra dance piece. She took photographs of her friend and professional dancer Sophie and then had these images printed onto lycra. They look amazing in real life, so please do try and come to see them in person!

Carren intends to keep experimenting with presenting her photography in different ways and is trying out printing on acetate to create layers. This new work is still centred around the theme of dance and is more surreal than the work on show now, exploring the non-classical beauty of dance.

Carren is also a freelance photographer, available for weddings and family photoshoots. She is also going to be in Nelson on the 12th, 13th and 14th April for the next Art and Vintage Market and will be taking retro styled pictures of market goers.

To find out more or see more of Carren's work you can find her here on facebook.

Original paintings by Aisha Haider

Aisha Haider, doesn't it just 'pop' against the purple wall!

More of Aisha's work

Woman reading under a tree in the sunshine - wish it was me! Jealous!


Aisha Haider is a mother of three who has always enjoyed painting but only really began painting properly in 2010. She paints in the attic, usually when the children are at school as a way to relax. Aisha was very nervous about showing her work to begin with, but her family were very supportive and her confidence began to grow. Then she started putting her work onto online galleries and they sold well, very well which has grown her confidence even more!

Aisha now even has her own shop on Etsy, click here to see it.

These are two very different artists and different styles but both are fairly new artists in a public sense. Carren graduated last year (BA Hons in Photographic Media from the University Centre at Blackburn College) and this is her degree show. It has been part of a collective exhibition on show in Burnley and London, but this is the first time Carren's work has been on show in a space without her fellow photographers.


Aisha is a self taught artist and has never shown her work before in a physical gallery. However she is one of the rising stars of the online gallery world - and one of's bestselling artists - and featured on the front page of the website.

I hope you all get chance to come and see the exhibition, dear readers? It's on until March 6th and as always our gallery is free entry and open from 10-4pm Mondays to Saturdays.


Ta Ra


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