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Pendle Open Art Exhibition 2011

 Hello all,

It was a really beautiful day on Saturday when we had artist submissions, and here is a picture I took on my way to work.

So while I was taking the pictures in I spent a few minutes talking to some of the artists and taking some photos of them and here are the results of my mini interviews.

Young Artist Jade Smith, 9 years old.

Jade goes to Barrowford School (and her grandma knows my mum! – little random fact for you there).

I asked Jade why she painted and she explained that it was “just fun”. She tends to think about the colours first rather than the picture and her favourite colour is blue.

Jade with Stormy Sea

Jade also entered a picture of frogs, but she doesn’t actually like frogs (course not, silly me for asking!) and painted this image because she saw a picture of frogs which she traced as she was inspired to create her own version.


Kathleen Ormerod

Kathleen has entered two works; Night Sky and View from Barden Mill.

Kathleen tends to take photos wherever she goes and wherever ‘appeals to her’ and the picture is what she was thinking when she took the photograph.

Kathleen is retired and lives in Fence and is a member of Colne Art Group and she also attends two more classes too.

Kathleen describes art as a hobby and a constant work in progress. She mainly works in watercolours and pastels and explains that beautiful views inspire her. Kathleen does sometimes create portraits and works from her converted dining room (which does still have dining space).

Steven and Jacqueline Smith

Here we have a very creative husband and wife team, Jacqueline has brought in two paintings of Flowers and Steven has brought in…. 'Billy and the Preposterous Pachyderms'.
Steven explains his work was inspired by his quirky father, the stories are all stories from his fathers youth and his father claims they are all true.

Jacqueline explains that she doesn’t usually paint flowers but she did some geraniums and Steven really liked them so she decided to create more, and has been inspired by some photographs.
Both live in Colne and Jacqueline describes herself as an amateur artist and would like to do more. Steven says he ‘just plays’ although he is a writer and has had a couple of poems published. Steven is currently working on two novels; one a historical drama around the civil war and one that is a dramatisation of actual events which explains why his father ended up being so quirky!

Heather Sheldrick

Heather is pictured holding her photograph, ‘The Walker’.

Heather took this picture using a little camera and says “You don’t have to have  fancy or expensive equipment to create great art, it’s how you interpret the world around you”

The picture is of Heather’s mother walking towards Barnoldswick. Heather is a freelance graphic designer and her mother is a walk leader and between them they have created a book “Explore the Barnoldwick Countryside” and are currently researching walks for book 2. Heather says that this picture might even be the front cover.

Getting to know Heather a bit more (in the five minutes I had to talk to her – it’s gets rather busy taking in all the artwork for the Pendle Open) I found out she is a born and bred Barlicker and considers herself an amateur photographer. This particular picture was taken with a compact camera but Heather wants a Canon with a big lens. (Other brands are available and Heather herself agreed she would be happy with a Nikon!)

Edwin Monk

Edwin has submitted works called Henry (its actually Henry Matisse but Edwin wasn’t sure how to spell his surname) and King of the River. Edwin is a longtime Painter in Pendle and has won the Pendle in Paint category 4 times!

When I asked Edwin about the Henry work, he said he just saw a picture of him in a bookstore and thought he would have a go at impressionism (and what a go…)
The kingfisher painting is a just his own idea.

Talking to Edwin, he lives in Barrowford, overlooking the river. He lives alone and is now retired. He has been ill recently but is now feeling better and painting much more.

Edwin is a professional artist as he sells his work and has done commissions for people, and he very kindly brought me a photo album of some of his work…

Jess the sheepdog

(I do like sheepdogs, have had 2 in our family now, Poppy and Fitz – hi Fitz!).

Here is a picture and the close up is of Edwin himself and his dog.

Close up of Edwin, bottom left
Young Artist Amelia Robertson

Just wanted to show these pictures by 8 year old Amelia who is sight impaired.

Lisa Dewhurst

Lisa is pictured with her work, Other World

I asked Lisa what is the story behind this picture and she explained that this is a world which is different, as it has two moons and is an image of the female character nurturing her son. It is a world created in Lisa’s head and then added to canvas and it’s the quirky details that Lisa likes, for example is his head facing towards or away from you?

Lisa paints as a hobby, and is a home-mum with three boys all under 6 years (busy!) and lives in Barnoldswick. I asked Lisa what inspires her and she said “anything and everything”. Lisa sits in the kitchen to paint and usually uses acrylics.

So these are just a few of the Open Art exhibitors. I hope you get chance to come and see the exhibition, it is on Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd October and the exhibition is open from 10 until 4 everyday, although voting for favourite pictures finishes at 12 noon on Sunday.
Ta Ra

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