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Open Arts - Judges Winners


Wow, Open Art is such a wonderful exhibition, it always inspires me to go off and create something, but also makes me really proud of all the local artists sat at kitchen tables, walking around our fields and countryside and parks to take pictures, sewing away on sofas and painting in their gardens all year round to create art. How great is it that we get to see all this? It takes courage to exhibit your artwork and to open yourself up to praise and comments, so it is important to say well done to everyone who exhibited.

This year I made some changes to the exhibition including adding new categories and adding a critical vote to the usual popular vote.

Here are the results....

There were two votes this year; a critical vote which took place on Friday 21st October with Joe Hesketh, a Pendle based professional artist, Richard Dyson, owner of Dysons Arts in Barrowford and myself choosing first and second place in each category.

Young Artist Aged 7 and Under

2nd Place
Sophie Wilkinson
Royal Horse

1st Place
Louis Gillett
At the beach

By the way, Louis is only 2 years old! Can't wait to see what the future holds for this budding photograher!

 Young Artist Aged 8-11 years

2nd Place
Harry Wilkinson
Fly the Sheepdog

1st Place
Sam Rose
Prison Monster

Can I just add that I did not take part in the judging of the 8-11 year old group as my son and step-son had both entered pictures in this. And, my son won, above! Am massively proud mummy, although still quite distrubed about the subject matter he picked!
 Young Artist Aged 12-16 years

2nd Place
Lily Fontaine

1st Place
Ruby Haworth
Girls by the Piano

The quality of this one was amazing; and the judges particularly liked the way Ruby had done the arms...

Close Up
Ruby Haworth
 Textile and 3D Works

2nd Place
Freda Reeves

1st Place
Kathryn Sutton
Perfect Place

And here is a close up of the details...

Close up
Kathryn Sutton

The judges were very impressed with the textiles work, it has been a good category to display too and I am looking forward to keeping this category now. Kathryn above has been asked to discuss selling her work at Dysons Arts, and she was very pleased and surprised to win. Her whole family came with her to the presentation ceremony and they gave a collective gasp as she was announced. It was a lovely moment.

 Photography, Edited Section

2nd Place
David James
Palm Tree

1st Place
Graham Dean
Setting for a Saucy Rendezvous

If you like this one - Graham will actually be exhibiting here as part of our Christmas Exhibition which launches on the 21st November.

Photography, Natural Section

(Bit embarrassing this, but I seem to have lost my pictures of this section! Sorry folks, but I managed to find replacement pics).

2nd Place
Heather Sheldrick
The Walker

1st Place
Paul Kirkup
In the Spotlight
 Paul actually emailed me after winning and here are his comments, with permission...

Dear Kirsty, I was both surprised and thrilled to receive first place in the natural photography category as there were some very worthy contenders for that award on show. I'm especially pleased as I hold a candle for what old photographic equipment and techniques can achieve, and in this case I took the photo of my daughter in the tunnel in Victoria Park with a 50 year old basic snapshot camera which cost me £2 at a car boot sale, on cheap film from China and processed it in developer I made at home from 25 year old chemicals!! It was just a case of being in the right place at the right time with a camera in my hand.
Some other pictures I took with the same set up are here
The exhibition was splendid and I'm already looking forward to next years.
With kind regards and thanks for staging the event,
Paul Kirkup.

Portraiture Category (New)

2nd Place with both works
Richard Thorpe

2nd Place both works
Richard Thorpe
Runners and Riders

1st Place both works
Angela Britton
Madonna and Child

Little bit of info; Angela was last years overall winner with a portrait of Kylie.

1st Place both works
Angela Britton
Washed Up

The portraiture category had a very strong presence and the judges thought both works by these artists were great. Ricahrd from Dysons Arts also asked that both artists contact him with regard to selling their work in his shop. How is that for a result?
 Landscapes Category (New)

2nd Place
Richard Stevens
Eilean Donan Castle, Loch Duich

1st Place
Mavis Nuttall

I do hope you all enjoyed the new categories and thought they worked out ok? Do let me know if you have any comments.
 Open Including Abstract

2nd Place
David Cumpstey
Mussell Shells

1st Place
Maureen Arnolds
Astor Border

While I am here, can I just say thanks to our marketing department for all their hard work on signs, layouts etc and a big thanks to our admin team for the labels. Doesn't it look lovely here?
 Pendle In Paint Category

2nd Place
Mavis Nuttall
The Tackler, Bancroft Mill, Barnoldswick 1960's

1st Place
John Rickard
Nelson Street

So that is the critical winners, the next post will be all about the popular winners.

Ta Ra


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