Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Another Exhibition

I mentioned earlier in the year that we are widening our scope of exhibitions and offering more space to show Artist's work.

We're also keen to work with local people as we do pride ourselves on being a community gallery!

So we have a second exhibition of student work...

We have an exhibition of 18 collages made by students with learning difficulties from Pendle Community High School.

These students are all aged 13-14 years old and are taking part in My Place Project delivered by Artful via Young Lancashire. They are all working towards a bronze arts award and these artworks form the backbone of their awards.

First up the group work with an artist, Becky Atherton from Artful, to create their own work, see below! The collages were created with Becky's support but each collage is an individual piece of artwork, personal to each student. They are self portraits created with mixed media and each work shows the student surrounded by the things they love. (Cars, Horses, Cars, Cats, More Cars - you get the idea).

Each student has worked on these collages for around three months. And, here they are....

Last week the group went to the Haworth Art Gallery to see some contemporary art and next they are going to look at heroes and heroines in the art field. After that they will do some skill shares, mostly around sharing the drawing techniques they have learnt and then they will have gained their bronze arts award.

Congratulations (to be!).

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