Friday, 7 February 2014

Julie Amos - Collection of Portraits

Our second reception exhibition for 2014 is Julie Amos.

Julie was the winner of the Portraiture Category for the 2013 Pendle Open Art Exhibition. Each category winner was given a solo exhibition in The ACE Centre as their prize.


Here is the winning portrait …..

Julie began drawing as a hobby and is a self-proclaimed doodler!
Over the last 6 months Julie has been working hard to develop her skills and techniques and is beginning to experiment more with oils in her drawings and is always looking to explore her art more. In the past Julie specialised in oil landscapes taking inspiration from growing up around her parents' art gallery.


Julie is really passionate about portraits and uses a mix of graphite, carbon and charcoal. The theme for this collection of works is Black and White Starlets and Works from the old Masters of Art, taking inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci and Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.


Julie has a specific process when it comes to working on her pieces, she begins with a photo of the original picture and completes a detailed drawing in light pencil, using careful measuring techniques to ensure the perspective and features of the face are accurate and in proportion.

Julie then works into the face developing the skin tone using various degrees of pencil and balancing it with carbon to give dark tones and blending colours with tissues and sponges to create depth. Lastly Julie uses black charcoal for the background to draw all focus to the face.

Taking inspiration from the original work, Julie tries to capture the mood of the person in the picture, she wants viewers to see what's behind the photos, she explained how she was drawn to 'Facade' the lady in this picture is beautiful, and appears 'fed up' expressing this by holding her face in her hands.
This was the first time Julie had ever entered the Pendle Open Art Exhibition or any competition for that matter and was very pleased to have won and hopefully plans on entering again! Julie has no exhibitions planned just yet but is looking to exhibit more in the future.
This is exhibition is on until 28th February at The ACE Centre and is well worth a visit and you might just see a few faces you recognise!

Hope you enjoy the exhibition.




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