Tuesday, 8 October 2013

It's Open Arts time....

It's Open Arts time again and to begin with we collect all the work... on Friday and Saturday just gone over 100 artists came and brought us 180 pieces of artwork (not everyone enters two!).
We spoke to a few of the artists...
Mark Brennand – Portraiture
Mark has been entering the Pendle Open Arts Exhibition for the last 3 years and loves everything about it. His main passion for art is in portraits and has been painting for the past 16 years since he left school. Mark has recently started selling his paintings in a local sandwich shop which has been a great experience so far.
Mark has entered a portrait of one of Burnley Football clubs rising young stars - Danny Ings, Mark used a photograph of the footballer as inspiration for the painting and chose to paint with watercolours for fluidity. Mark told us he can churn out a painting in 3 hours and is currently working on a portrait of French football legend Eric Cantona.
When asked what he hoped for he said he’s not in it for the prize but because he likes to exhibit and really enjoys it.
Here are two pictures of Mark, I had my camera on the wrong settings for the first one, but he had such a lovely smile I wanted to show you it anyway!
Nice smile, bad settings

Better settings, missing smile
Aaah, photography is hard!

Peter Shackleton
This is Peters first year exhibiting his work at the Pendle Open Arts Exhibition, as a retired plumber Peter has worked in every street in Burnley and Nelson and found he wanted to try something new since retiring. This is the first time Peter has painted in the past 58 years and has recently discovered his passion for art.
The first piece Peter has entered is called ‘Mekong Delta’ and took his inspiration from the beautiful scenic photographs in holiday brochures, Peter decided to add a Jungle in the background to his water scene for depth and atmosphere.
His second piece is from Peters thoughts about our environment; set in the Southern Hemisphere this piece invites the viewer to make their own conclusions about our environment by naming the piece ‘Global?’ He decided to use Acrylic paints for their quick drying nature and tactile texture and used matte varnish for the finishing touches and attention to detail.
Peter isn’t expecting to win as he is a newbie to painting but has found that his art works have become a favourite amongst his family members and wanted to enter for the public’s feedback on his new hobby!
Carl Hazelden
Carl is a part time artist who has exhibited his work across the country but never in the north where is originally from. Carl has mainly sold his work in London and Kent.
Carls 2 pieces are part of a bigger series and are scenes are inspired by his previous home on the South East coast of Kent. Carl took inspiration from houses made from old boats in Dungeness on the Kent coast line. The pieces convey the ultimate idea of recycling!
Carl prefers to paint on A3 and used ink pens for control and used watercolours for landscapes and to create contrast.
Carl would love to show his work and sell them on but exhibits his works for people to enjoy. He would delighted to win and he hasn’t won a competition before apart from receiving a certificate for entering the Edinburgh Fringe at 12 years old.
Janet Rushton
Janet has been entering the Open Arts for over 10 years now and loves to let others see her work.
For her first piece she drew on the inspiration from one of her favourite painters Caravaggio which she has entered into the (?category?)
Her second piece has been created using soft pastels for bold colour and depth.
Janet prefers to work on all different sizes but feels better that there are no size restrictions for entrants as it gives more freedom to work on different sizes. (Kirsty: we do listen to all the feedback, and have abolished the size restriction this year).
Janet told us that she thought it was a great idea for the winner to get the opportunity of a solo exhibition, but mainly enter the exhibition because she really enjoys it.
Janet wasn't up for pictures! We don't mind...
Oh and no artworks yet as the exhibition isn't ready - it does take hours to hang, and layout, and match the labels, and place all the boards! Phew, good job it's a labour of love!
More to come soon... and don't forget - the exhibition is only on show Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10-4pm.

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