Friday, 26 October 2012

Pictures and Comments about the Art and Vintage Market

It was a packed Open Art Weekend as we tied this in to a brand-new-for Nelson Art and Vintage Market as part of the Mary Portas Towns Pilot Programme.

Here are some of the pictures and comments we received....

"Absolutely fabulous! Well done to all, I'm really looking forward to this weekend"
Thanks, Sweetie Darling!

"Enjoyed the variety, thankyou"

"Such talent! I am really inspired. Well done all of you"

"Great display of artwork and goodies. Christmas presents sorted now, also friendly, warm staff at entrance"

"I loved all the different art-work"

"Great talent on show for all. Enjoyed our visit. Thank You"

"It's nice to see in Nelson"

"At last a happening in NELSON. Well done"

"Good to see Nelson attracting and promoting local people's creative talent"

"Great to have 'lovely presents' to buy in Nelson"

"Brilliant! Let's see more of these events"

"I thought the paintings were a breath of fresh air"

"I would love to see more events of this nature. It really shows off the talent of the citizens of Pendle"

"Wonderful talents, a joy to see"

"Wonderful show of local talent"

"Inspiring varied exhibition. Great to applaud local talent"

"Lovely exhibition. Well laid out and v welcoming. Enjoyed it immensely. Well done to all "

"It was really good. :-) Lot's of nice items & lovely people. Would most definately come again"

"Wonderful! Very High Standard and so much to see and enjoy"

It is a wonderful thing to do on a Sunday morning and I think that we should arrange more of these festivals and stalls"

"I love the sock monkeys!"

"Amazing Art. Very talented individuals"

"It's great!"

"A very nice art exhibition. Make sure you come back soon"

I love the dancer above, I actually bought it myself!

"Keep it up, let's have a regular show"

"Fantastic and great"

"Excellent venue of artwork and I would love to come again"


There was so much to see and do!

Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed themselves, we think 3200 people attended which is brilliant!

Next up I will post the winners of the Open Art Exhibition and some pictures of them and their works.

Thanks, Kirsty  

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