Monday, 18 June 2012

Here are Some of the Comments from Padiham Painting at Leisure Exhibition!

'A great exhibition; wonderful paintings. Great talents. This group should exhibit more often. A pleasure to visit'

'Excellent display of some very good quality paintings'

'Love the clown picture. Fantastic'

'If this was a competition it would be hard to judge. Well done one and all'

'Today I decided to come to the fair. I have come to the exhibition aswell and it is the best one so far! Well done, good luck in the future - 5 stars'

'I come to the ACE Centre regularly to view the art exhibitions, yours is the best by far! Congratulations on your fantastic work'

'I loved the art it was really touching'

'Amazing, but could do with some more paintings (some are scary)'

'Very good. A lot better than abstracts'

'I enjoyed the paintings, lovely'

Why not pay a visit yourself, and make up your mind? You never know, you might find something to take home...

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