Thursday, 3 November 2011

Open Arts - The Feedback

There were some lovely comments and I wanted to post a selection....

'What a talented lot of people we have'

'First time I've been but would come again, really interesting and fab artwork all round'

'Extremely well presented. Such a variety of talent from all ages'

'As always, a very high standard of work. Everybody should be proud including the organisers'

'Great variety and some excellent quality work. (from) Briercliffe Art Group'

'Gets bigger and better every year. Thankyou'

Really enjoyed looking at all the art! Amazed at the talent in the young artists, particularly the sunset'

'Trish Tomlinson you've outdone yourself'

'Very interesting exhibition. Always enjoy it. Freda Reeves I love your stuff!!'

'Our first time, enjoyed it very much, see you next year. Anne and Jim Newchurch'

'Very talented people, enjoyed it very much, Sue Martin'

'Sorry, not as good as in previous years'

'Not very happy about the 'Ace Centre Favourite'. This will influence votes. Unfair!! Melanie Cocker's paintings are the best'

I should probably say here; the ACE Centre Staff favourite stickers were my idea, and it was to get all the staff in the building more involved in the exhibition, with the hope that they would tell people how wonderful all the work is. I gave each member of staff (managers, waiters, cleaners - all) a sticker and asked them to choose their one favourite. This seems to have caused some controversy and I have had an equal number of people loving the idea and hating the idea. To compromise, I will do it next year, but not add the stickers until the public vote closes on the Sunday. Hope that is ok with everyone?

'Well worth a visit'

'Very good exhibition and amazing that is is free, and allows the community to see local works, also the donation is a good idea'

The donation, by the way, is to try to cover some of the costs as the event is subsidised by Pendle Leisure Trust.

'This was an awesome exhibition, enjoyed looking at all the talent from around the area'

'Brilliant exhibits! Good inspiration to get arty!'

'Enjoyed the exhibition very much, difficult to vote as I had so many favourites, Sandra'

'Really enjoyed myself, most fun time I've had in a long time, thumbs up'

'Great exhibition, lots of talent BUT the whole exhibition would be more accessible to the elderly and disabled if the cafe had been open all the time to enable people to have a comfortable rest and decent coffee between doing other sections'

This comment about the cafe was repeated twice and I will ensure that these comments are passed to the hospitality manager.

So overall a pretty promising critique of the exhibition, especially with regards to the quality of the artwork itself.

And I promised to include a picture of Megan, our photography winner... here she is...

Popular Vote Winner
Megan Cox with her winning photo

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